Logging In

September 1, 2023

Logging In

Logging into Humanitas is easy! Just visit partner.humanitas.ai/signup. To create an account all users will be required to provide:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nonprofit EIN
  • Nonprofit Email

Note on Registration “on behalf” of a Nonprofit

Humanitas has an existing database of over 1.8 million US charities. We also have taken the time to process publicly available documents (such as 990s) on a high percentage of these organizations. When you register and provide an EIN you are connecting your individual user account to a nonprofit to be able to access that publicly available information easily. You do not need to be an official representative of that organization. This is because data is not shared between users.

Note on Account Data Sharing

Humanitas data is segmented by user. No data that any individual user uploads is available to any other user. This will be possible only with a vetted organization, which will allow organizations to invite their co-workers, share data and insights and an AI across accounts.


A user signs up for Humantias AI, claiming EIN 123456789. That user upload annual reports, can see the 990s that Humanitas has already process, and also uploads some marketing materials that they have worked on within their organization. Another user creates an account with the same EIN of 123456789. That user can see 990s that the Humanitas team has processed but cannot access any documents uploaded by the first user.