Home Page

September 5, 2023

The Humanitas homepage, like the rest of the online portal, is designed to represent Humanitas’s functionality and philosophy in an easy to understand manner. Just like a person trying to help you in your role or mission would first (ideally) seek to understand you before suggesting or taking action, our AI and tools strive to do the same - you Teach, the tool Learns, and then with your consent it is enabled to take Action in support of your goals. The homepage contains three separate widgets that facilitate this process.


The top widget will contain Action Cards. These cards capture the different ways that you can teach Humanitas AI and its tools about your work and organization. These action cards, when clicked, fold out to reveal steps that you can take to teach the AI what’s needed for particular actions such as In Kind donations, goods purchases, an AI assistant to help with content and strategy, and more. Follow the prompts to complete each step. If new steps are added in the future you will be able to take them from this same widget.


The learning widget will transparently display a high level view of what Humanitas has learned about your work and organization. This will include details on your EIN, mission, vision, documents shared, etc. If anything looks off you can contact the Humanitas team to correct the record.


Our AI assistant, a ChatGPT-like experience designed specifically to support nonprofits, came first. But we are constantly building out new actions. The homepage learning widget will allow you to see stats on how helpful those actions have been such as number of chats, etc.

We are continually building out functionality, meaning these widgets will change and evolve dramatically over time as we grow.