Finance API

Lend to underserved communities without increasing risk

Many communities are cut off from lending opportunities because of low credit history. What if there was another way to assess potential lending opportunities? Humanitas is able to give you a sense of economic mobility through our socioeconomic models.

Increase Customer Base
Traditional lending algorithms don't give an accurate picture of some customers and communities. This cuts off large sources of revenue for your company.
Make Smart Loans
"You don't have to take on more risk to lend to underserved communities. Work with us to make sure you're still making good decisions.
Fix Systemic Problems
Be part of the solution when it comes to equal housing and lending. With Humanitas you can lend to non-traditional borrowers, giving them more opportunity.
Coming Soon

Interested in bringing more equality to your lending?

We work with large banks and corporations to bring more equality to their lending decision making. We want to help you increase your customer base by accessing previously overlooked customers.
"I believe Humanitas' unique approach will be the quantum leap to embed DEI directly into the core products and services across companies of all sizes."
Jeff Walker, Chairman of New Profit