Unleashing the Power of AI to Boost Charitable Giving

By The Humanitas Team
July 5, 2023

Giving is fundamentally human. It connects us with each other, with our planet, and with our communities. At Humanitas, we believe technologies like AI hold tremendous potential to revolutionize the infrastructure underpinning how we engage in this fundamentally human endeavor.

Making the Ask: AI Streamlines Content Generation

Research indicates that people are more likely to give when asked. However, creating effective and targeted content to make those asks in fundraising campaigns can be time-consuming for nonprofits. AI-powered tools can streamline the content generation process, making it easier for organizations to craft compelling messages that resonate with potential donors. By simplifying this process, AI empowers nonprofits to reach more people and make their asks more efficiently.

Efficiency and Strategy: AI Frees Up Time for Planning

Effective fundraising requires a well-thought-out strategy, but developing such strategies can be time-consuming. AI can help organizations increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations, freeing up valuable time for staff to focus on developing fundraising plans. With more time to devote to strategy, nonprofits can better identify target audiences, craft compelling messages, and determine the most effective channels for their campaigns.

AI as a Strategic Advisor: Leveraging Campaign Insights

AI holds a wealth of information on successful campaigns and can act as a sounding board for fundraising strategies. By analyzing data from past campaigns, AI can identify patterns, trends, and best practices that can inform future efforts. Nonprofits can leverage these insights to optimize their fundraising strategies, tailoring their approach based on what has worked well for other organizations in similar contexts.


The potential for AI to increase charitable giving is immense. By streamlining content generation, increasing efficiency, and being a sounding board for strategic questions, AI can revolutionize the way nonprofits fundraise, ultimately enabling them to better serve their communities and address society's most pressing challenges.

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