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Our mission is simple: make the internet more inclusive. We understand this is easier said than done, but we're uniquely positioned to tackle this problem.

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Why should I care about an inclusive internet?

Beyond just being the right thing to do, companies that don't create inclusive customer experiences will struggle in the years to come. Consider these stats...


Of the workforce will be people of color in 10 years.

Who we are

Meet the Team

Phil Chow
Co-founder / CTO
Ara Ravisankar
Brandolon Barnett
Advisor, AI Product Specialist
Tin-Yun Ho
Advisor, Marketing Leader
Jan D’Alessandro
Advisor, Partnership Strategist
Jon Fee
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strategic investors

We are backed by a selective network of applied AI and data experts at industry leading companies, mission-driven unicorn founders, and values-aligned family offices.

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"I believe Humanitas' unique approach will be the quantum leap to embed DEI directly into the core products and services across companies of all sizes."
Jeff Walker, Chairman of New Profit.